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Yak Down and Merino Wool Blend: a new yarn for your winter sweater collection

Updated: Jun 10

Hey, everyone! Today I want to talk about a new yarn for sweater: 50% yak down and 50% merino wool. Yes, you read that right: yak down!

If you're wondering what yak down is and why I chose to knit with it, let me tell you all about it. Yak down is the soft and fine undercoat of the Tibetan yak, which lives in the high-altitude regions of the Himalayas. According to , yak down is versatile by evolution and has many benefits for both the yaks and the humans who use it.

Some of the benefits of yak down are:

- It's **warm**. Yak down is warmer than merino wool and can keep you cozy even in sub-zero temperatures.

- It's **breathable**. Yak down allows moisture to evaporate quickly and regulates your body temperature, preventing you from overheating or getting sweaty.

- It's **soft**. Yak down is finer than cashmere and has a silky feel that is gentle on your skin.

- It's **durable**. Yak down is strong and resilient and can withstand wear and tear better than other fibers.

- It's **sustainable**. Yak down is naturally shed by the yaks every spring and collected by hand by local herders, without harming the animals or the environment.

So, as you can see, yak down is an amazing fiber that deserves more attention and appreciation. That's why I decided to combine it with merino wool, another natural and high-quality fiber, to create a sweater that is warm, soft, breathable, durable and sustainable.

A sweater made of 50% yak down and 50% merino wool is like a dream come true for anyone who loves comfort and style. It's a perfect blend of two premium fibers that complement each other beautifully. A sweater like this will keep you warm without being bulky, and it will last for years without losing its shape or color.

Nordstrom is one of the brand who sell 50% yak down 50% merino wool sweater online.

Here is one comments from an end user.

“I recently bought a crop half zip sweater made of 50% yak down and 50% merino wool from Nordstrom, and I'm in love with it. It's so soft and cozy, I feel like I'm wearing a cloud. It has a cute half zip design that lets me adjust the neckline depending on my mood. It also has a cropped length that looks great with high-waisted jeans or skirts. The color is a gorgeous camel that goes with everything in my closet.” This end user seems very happy with the yak down and merino wool blend sweater.

So do you want to add 50% yak down 50% merino wool sweater to your winter collection?

If yes, you can contact CH Cashmere, who have 50% yak down 50% merino wool yarn (Nm16/2) 25 colors available in stock. You can choose the colors from color card as you like.

CH Cashmere factory will produce 50% yak down 50% merino wool sweater for you with your design and brand.


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