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Yarn is a type of thread that can be used to make fabrics, usually by knitting them together. The process of making yarn is called spinning and it can be done by machines or by hand. Spinning involves twisting natural or synthetic fibers and filaments into a continuous strand.

CH Cashmere pride ourselves on providing high-quality yarns for various knitwear applications.


Depending on your needs and preferences, you can choose from our wide range of pure yarn or blend yarn products. We offer different colors, weights, textures, and patterns to suit your style and design. Contact us today to request free sample swatches.


Pure Yarns

Pure Yarn is made from a single type of fiber, such as cotton, cashmere, merino wool. silk, or linen. It has the advantage of retaining the natural properties and characteristics of the fiber, such as softness, durability, breathability or warmth......


Blend Yarns

Blend yarn is made from a combination of two or more fibers, such as cashmere and wool blend, wool and cotton blend, as well as wool and acrylic blend. Blend Yarn has the advantage of enhancing the performance and functionality of the yarn, such as strength, elasticity, wrinkle-resistance, or color-fastness. CH Cashmere provides both natural and synthetic blends....

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