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Why is Wool So Much Cheaper than Cashmere?

Wool and Cashmere are two of the most popular natural fibers for clothing and accessories. But why is there huge difference in price? What are the differences between them?

cashmere goat


Wool is the general term for the hair of sheep and other animals, such as goats, alpacas, and rabbits. It is durable, breathable, and warm, which makes it suitable for a variety of garments and seasons. Wool can also absorb moisture and odors, as well as resist wrinkles and stains.

The downside of wool fiber is that it can be itchy, heavy, and prone to shrinking or felting if not cared for properly.


Cashmere is a type of wool that comes from the undercoat of cashmere goats. It is finer, softer, and lighter than regular wool, and has a luxurious feel and appearance. Cashmere is also very warm and insulating, as it traps air between its fibers.

However, cashmere is also more expensive, delicate, and prone to pilling than regular wool, and requires special handling and cleaning.

grey cashmere

The main reason of wool being cheaper than cashmere is the supply and demand.

Cashmere goats produce only a small mount of fiber each year, it takes about 4 goats to make one sweater.

In addition, cashmere goats are mostly found in specific regions (China, Mongolia, Iran, ... ...). This means that the transportation and processing costs are high.

On the other hand, wool-producing animals are more abundant and widespread around the world. They produce more fiber than cashmere goats do every year, hence wool is more available and affordable than cashmere.

Another reason is the quality and performance.

Cashmere is considered to be superior to wool in terms of softness, warmth, lightness, and durability. These attributes make cashmere more desirable and valuable than wool.

However, wool also has its own advantages over cashmere in terms of breathability, moisture-wicking, fire-resistance, odor-resistance, versatility, and ease of dyeing. These features make wool more practical and functional than cashmere.

baby goats

To sum up, wool is cheaper than cashmere because of the difference in supply and demand, as well as quality and performance. Wool and cashmere are both excellent natural fibers that have their own pros and cons. Depending on your preferences, needs, budget, lifestyle, and occasion, you can choose the best material for your sweater.


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