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Why 16gg Cardigan is an Excellent Choice for Spring and Summer?

Updated: Jun 9

A cardigan has always been a versatile and stylish piece of clothing that is suitable for different seasons and occasions. Some are thick and warm for cold weather, while others are thin and breathable for hot days. The thickness of cardigan has something to do with the thickness of yarns, which can be reflected from its gauges. So how to choose a cardigan that is comfortable to wear in warmer seasons like spring and summer? 16gg cardigans can be a great idea!


What is a 16gg Cardigan?

“gg” stands for gauge, which is a measure of how many stitches are used in one inch of knitted fabric. The finer and lighter the fabric, the thinner the yarn, and the higher the gauges. A 16gg cardigan is made of thin yarn that is tightly knit, resulting in a smooth and lightweight fabric that drapes well on the body.


Why 16gg Cardigan is a Good Choice for Spring and Summer?

16gg is a perfect gauge for cardigans in warm weather because it offers a balance between breathability and warmth. 16gg cardigans are thin enough to let air circulate and keep you cool, but also provide protection from the sun and wind. 16gg cardigans are also easy to layer over other garments, such as shirts or dresses, without adding too much bulk or weight.


How to Style a 16gg Cardigan in Spring and Summer?

- Choose a lightweight fabric. A cardigan made of cotton, linen, thin wool or silk is breathable and comfortable for spring and summer.

- Pick a bright or pastel color. A cardigan in a cheerful color can add a brilliant touch to your outfit and match the sunny mood of the season. Think of colors like yellow, pink, or lavender. You can also opt for a neutral color like white, beige, or gray for a more classic look.

- Go for loose or open-front styles that allow more movement and ventilation. Such cardigans are ideal for hot weather and active lifestyles.

- Layer it over a dress or a skirt. A cardigan can be a great way to dress up a simple dress or skirt and make it more office-appropriate. You can also use a cardigan to create some contrast with your dress or skirt, such as pairing a floral dress with a solid cardigan or a striped skirt with a plain cardigan.

- Wear it with jeans or shorts. You can wear a fitted cardigan with boyfriend jeans, or a loose cardigan with denim shorts. For a polished look, you can also tuck your cardigan into your jeans or shorts.


How to Contact Us?

CH Cashmere, a professional manufacturer of knitwear clothing, offers you with stylish, chic and comfortable 16gg cardigans made from silk and thin wool that fit for spring and summer. We also have other kinds of cardigans that are suitable for cooler weathers. If you are a fashion business owner, and you are interested in high-end cardigans, you can contact CH Cashmere Factory to produce them for you.


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