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What is Cashmere? Answers to your Questions on Cashmere

Hi there, today I want to talk about one of my favorite fabrics: cashmere. You might have heard of cashmere as a luxurious and expensive material, but do you know what cashmere is, how it is used in everyday life,what are the benefits and drawbacks of wearing cashmere, the most luxury brands of cashmere and the factory of cashmere sweater. In this post, I will explain

What is cashmere?

Cashmere is a type of wool that comes from a specific breed of goats, called cashmere goats. These goats live in cold and mountainous regions, such as Mongolia, China, India, Iran, and Afghanistan. To survive the harsh winters, they grow a thick undercoat of fine and soft hair, which is the source of cashmere wool.

Cashmere wool is collected by hand combing or shearing the goats during the spring, when they naturally shed their winter coat. The wool is then sorted by color and quality, and washed to remove dirt and grease. The finest and softest fibers are separated from the coarser ones, and spun into yarns that can be used for knitting or weaving.

Cashmere wool is highly prized for its softness, warmth, lightness, and durability. It is also very breathable and adaptable to different temperatures, making it comfortable to wear in any season. Cashmere wool can be dyed into various colors, or left in its natural shades of white, gray, brown, or black.

But how can you use cashmere in your everyday life? Here are the main products made with cashmere.

- Cashmere sweaters: A classic and versatile piece that can be worn with jeans, skirts, or dresses. Cashmere sweaters are cozy and comfortable, and they come in various styles, colors, and patterns. You can layer them over a shirt or under a jacket for different looks. Cashmere sweaters are also great for traveling, as they are lightweight and easy to pack.

- Cashmere scarves: A simple way to add some elegance and warmth to your outfit. Cashmere scarves can be wrapped around your neck, draped over your shoulders, or tied in different ways. They can also be used as a blanket or a pillow when you are on the go. Cashmere scarves are available in many sizes, shapes, and designs, so you can find one that suits your taste and personality.

- Cashmere gloves: A must-have accessory for the cold weather. Cashmere gloves are soft and cozy, and they protect your hands from the wind and frost. They also add a touch of sophistication and style to your winter look. You can choose from different colors and lengths, depending on your preference.

- Cashmere socks: A treat for your feet. Cashmere socks are warm and cozy, and they feel like a hug for your toes. They are perfect for lounging at home, sleeping, or wearing with boots. Cashmere socks are also good for your health, as they help regulate your body temperature and prevent sweating and odor.

- Cashmere blankets: A luxury item that you will love to snuggle with. Cashmere blankets are soft and fluffy, and they keep you warm and cozy. They are also durable and easy to care for, as they resist wrinkles and pilling. You can use cashmere blankets on your bed, sofa, or chair, or as a gift for someone special.

What are the benefits and drawbacks of wearing cashmere?

Cashmere has many benefits as a clothing material. Some of them are:

- It is very soft and comfortable to wear. It does not itch or irritate the skin like some other types of wool.

- It is very warm and cozy. It can retain heat better than other types of wool or cotton.

- It is very lightweight and airy. It does not feel heavy or bulky on the body like some other types of wool.

- It is very durable and long-lasting. It can resist pilling and shrinking better than other types of wool.

- It is very versatile and stylish. It can be worn for casual or formal occasions, and paired with different outfits and accessories.

However, cashmere also has some drawbacks as a clothing material. Some of them are:

- It is very expensive and rare. It takes about four goats to produce enough wool for one sweater. The production process is also labor-intensive and time-consuming.

- It is very delicate and sensitive. It can be easily damaged by friction, heat, moisture, chemicals, or insects.

- It is very high-maintenance and demanding. It requires careful washing, drying, storing, and protecting to keep its shape and quality.

The most luxury brands of cashmere

Cashmere has been a symbol of luxury and elegance for centuries. Since 18th century , cashmere has been used by royalty, celebrities, and fashion icons. Some of the most famous luxury brands specialize in cashmere:

- Loro Piana: This Italian brand is the world's largest producer of cashmere and other fine fabrics. Loro Piana sources its cashmere from China, where it has established long-term relationships with local herders and cooperatives. Loro Piana is known for its high-quality craftsmanship and innovation. It has developed exclusive techniques such as The Gift of Kings®, which selects the finest and rarest cashmere fibers, and The Lotus Flower®, which uses the fibers of the lotus flower to create a unique and sustainable fabric.

- Brunello Cucinelli: This Italian brand is famous for its "philosophy of cashmere", which combines ethical values with aesthetic excellence. Brunello Cucinelli's cashmere garments are characterized by their refined simplicity and timeless elegance.

- Burberry: This British brand is synonymous with the iconic trench coat, which was originally designed for military use in the 19th century. Burberry also has a long history of producing cashmere scarves, which are made in Scotland using traditional methods. Burberry's cashmere scarves are available in various colors, patterns, and styles, such as the classic check, the monogram motif, and the archive logo.

The factory of cashmere sweater

As a fashion brand owner, how to find a cashmere factory who can produce perfect cashmere sweaters, scarves for my brand. CH Cashmere is a good choice. CH Cashmere, work as a knitting factory, cooperate with many famous brands of cashmere yarn, like TODD DUNCAN, UPW, Consinee, Xinao. TODD DUNCAN is the yarn supplier of Loro Piana. By working with CH Cashmere factory you can choose the best cashmere yarn as you need. CH Cashmere will produce the cashmere sweaters for you with your designs and your brand.


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