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Which shawl can pass through a ring?

Only super fine thin cashmere shawls can pass through a ring. So it is called “ring shawls”, the cashmere fabric used to make the ring shawls is call “ring cashmere”. The ring cashmere fabric is very thin,Count 200s/1, comparing with the normal cashmere fabric for cashmere sweater Count 26s/2. So if you buy a ring cashmere shawls, you will get a top quality cashmere shawls, its luxurious feel against their skin and its softness warmth and light feeling will make you very happy.

How do you test a cashmere ring?

To do a cashmere ring test is very easy, just pull the whole shawl through your wedding ring or some other small rings. If the whole cashmere shawl can easily pass through, then it pass the cashmere ring test, if not, the test is fail.

Tips on doing a cashmere ring test?

When you do cashmere ring test, you should better choose a single ring, golden or sliver, no other decorations like diamond, hook or something sharp. Because cashmere ring shawls are very thin and easy to be damaged.

Ring Test for determine whch cashmere/Pashmina shawl genuine cashmere is INVALID. But you can use this way to choose a super fine thin cashmere shawls.


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