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“The Good Cashmere Standard” Assures You of Ethical, Eco-friendly, and Sustainable Cashmere Products

Updated: Jun 10

When you are browsing through the websites or product information of some high-quality cashmere companies, you may constantly come across a heart-shaped seal with the image of a goat inside. At the bottom of the seal it reads: The Good Cashmere Standard®.

You may wonder, what is “The Good Cashmere Standard”? What kind of cashmere can be certified the GCS? And is this standard widely acknowledged or not? In today’s blog post, we will make it clear for you.

the good cashmere standard

“The Good Cashmere Standard® (GCS)” is the international animal welfare seal of the AbTF (Aid by Trade Foundation), a non-profit organization that promotes sustainable development through trade. It is the first independent cashmere standard in the world that advocates the welfare of cashmere goats worldwide. It aims to promote the protection of animals and the environment, and to improve the working conditions of the people who work with the cashmere goats. You can find further information on the official website of “The Good Cashmere Standard”.

So what motivated the launch of the GCS?

the good cashmere standard

Cashmere is one of the most luxurious natural fibers in the world, prized for its softness, warmth and durability. However, cashmere production also has a dark side, as it can cause environmental degradation, animal welfare issues and social problems for the herders and communities involved. That's why a new initiative called The Good Cashmere Standard (GCS) was launched in 2019, with the aim of transforming the cashmere industry into a more ethical and sustainable one.

The Good Cashmere Standard follows three main principles: promoting animal welfare in cashmere production, supporting cashmere farmers to secure a sustainable source of income, and protecting the environment. And it covers four main areas: animal welfare, environmental protection, social responsibility and traceability.

the good cashmere standard

The GCS is based on scientific research and best practices, and is verified by independent third-party auditors. It is supported by leading fashion brands, retailers and manufacturers, who commit to sourcing and selling only GCS-certified cashmere products. By choosing GCS-certified cashmere, consumers can enjoy the luxury and quality of cashmere, while also knowing that they are supporting ethical and eco-friendly practices, and a more responsible and sustainable cashmere industry.

The GCS is a pioneering initiative that aims to make a positive difference for the people, animals and environment involved in cashmere production. A number of cashmere companies collaborating with CH Cashmere have been certified “The Good Cashmere Standard”. If you are a fashion business owner who is seeking for a factory to produce high-quality, ethical, eco-friendly, and sustainable cashmere products, you can contact CH Cashmere Factory for more information.


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