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What is baby cashmere and why is it better?

If you are looking for a luxurious and cozy material to keep you warm and comfortable, you might want to consider baby cashmere. But what is baby cashmere and why is it better than regular cashmere?

Baby cashmere is an ultra-fine fiber that comes from the first combing of a baby cashmere goat, also known as a kid. This process does not harm the animal and only happens once in its lifetime, when it is between 3 to 12 months old and during the warmer spring months when it no longer needs its protective under fleece. The result is a rare and precious fiber that is softer, lighter, and more delicate than regular cashmere.

Only 30 grams of usable fiber can be obtained from each kid, compared to 250 grams from an adult goat. This means that it takes the fleece of 19 kids to make one baby cashmere sweater, while one adult goat can produce enough fiber for four regular cashmere sweaters. This explains why baby cashmere is more expensive and exclusive than regular cashmere. Loro Piana is one of the leading brand of baby cashmere sweaters. If you need the same quality with Loro Piana, you can contact CH Cashmere to choose baby cashmere directly. CH Cashmere is the main supplier of baby cashmere and producer of baby cashmere sweaters.

But what are the benefits of baby cashmere? Besides being incredibly soft and gentle on the skin, baby cashmere is also very warm and insulating, as it traps air between its fine fibers. It is also breathable and moisture-wicking, making it suitable for different seasons and climates. Baby cashmere is also durable and resistant to pilling, as it has a smoother and more uniform surface than regular cashmere.

In conclusion, baby cashmere is a superior quality of cashmere that offers unparalleled comfort, warmth, and elegance. It is a rare and exquisite material that requires careful craftsmanship and care. If you want to find a factory who supply baby cashmere and can produce baby cashmere sweaters,cardigans, jackets, hats, you can contact CH Cashmere.


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