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The Ultimate Guide to Knitted and Woven Scarves: What They Are, How They Differ, and How to Care for Them

Updated: Jun 6

If you love scarves, you might have wondered about the different types of fabrics and techniques that are used to create them. In this blog post, we will explore the world of knitted and woven scarves, and how they differ from each other. We will also share some tips on how to care for your scarves, and how they differ from each other. We will also share some tips on how to care for the scarves and keep them looking beautiful for years to come.

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Woven scarves are made by interlacing yarn or threads on a loom or machine. They are usually smooth, flat, and crisp, and can have different colours and designs depending on the weave. Woven scarves are versatile and elegant, and can be worn in any season.

Knitted scarves are made by looping yarn together with needles or a machine. They are usually soft, stretchy, and cozy, and can have various patterns and textures depending on the stitches used. Knitted scarves are great for cold weather, as they provide warmth and comfort.

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Both knitted and woven scarves have their own advantages and disadvantages, and it really depends on your personal preference and style. Here are some factors to consider when choosing between them:


Knitted scarves tend to be heavier and bulkier than woven scarves, which can be lighter and thinner.


Knitted scarves tend to drape more loosely and fluidly than woven scarves, which can be stiffer and more structured.


Knitted scarves tend to be more prone to snagging, pilling, and stretching than woven scarves, which can be more resistant to wear and tear.


Knitted scarves tend to require more gentle washing and drying than woven scarves, which can be more durable and easy to care for.

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To care for the knitted or woven scarves, follow these general tips:

Read the Label

Always check the label for the fabric composition and care instructions of the scarf. Some fabrics may require special treatment, such as hand washing, dry cleaning, or ironing.

Wash with Care

Wash your scarf in cold water with mild detergent, either by hand or in a gentle cycle of your washing machine. Avoid using bleach, fabric softener, or harsh chemicals that can damage the fibers.

Dry Properly Dry the scarf flat on a towel or a rack, away from direct heat or sunlight. Avoid wringing, twisting, or hanging the scarf, as this can cause stretching or distortion.

Store Safely

Store the scarf in a cool, dry place, folded or rolled up neatly. Avoid hanging your scarf on a hanger or hood, as this can cause creasing or sagging. You can also use mothballs or cedar blocks to prevent moths from eating you scarf.

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We hope this guide has helped you learn more about knitted and woven scarves, and how to care for them. Scarves are wonderful accessories that can add color, texture, and style to any outfit. Whether you prefer knitted or woven scarves, you can find a variety of beautiful options at . Browse our collection today and treat yourself to a new scarf!



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