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How to wash your wool scarf?

For most of us, wool scarves are essential to keep us warm for the winter.  Not only do they keep us warm and cozy in the winter, some printed and colorful wool scarves look amazing too.

Wool is delicate and can be a tricky fabric to wash.  The material is very strong and durable but can become damaged easily if something wrong when cleaning it. always pay attention to the instructions on the care label before washing your scarf. Hand washing is considered the easiest and saving way to wash your wool scarf.  Always ensure you are using lukewarm water when washing your scarf as wool can shrink in hot water. It’s best to use a washing detergent designed for woollen fabrics.

  • Add the laundry detergent to  lukewarm water. We find it best to use a liquid detergent as it mixes with the water quicker.  If you decide to use a powdered detergent, make sure that the grains are dissolved before adding your scarf.

  • Add your scarf to the water and gently swirl in the soapy water, ensuring that the scarf is totally immersed in the water. Gently massage the scarf to loosen and lift any stains.  Do not rub or twist the scarf as this could stretch the wool.

  • Rinse the scarf in clean water. Gently remove any excess water, do not wring and dry flat. Reshape the scarf whilst it is damp. If needed iron on a wool setting.

If your washing machine has a delicate or wool cycle and you prefer to machine wash, do so with caution.

  • Place the scarf preferably in a laundry bag before putting it in the washing machine. This prevents any snagging or damage to the scarf.

  • Add the laundry detergent for woollen fabric in the detergent compartment.

  • Ensure that you have set the correct cycle for washing in the machine. Promptly remove the scarf once the cycle has finished and dry flat. Reshape the scarf if needed whilst it is a little damp. If needed iron on a wool setting.



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