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How does a knitting factory produce a sweater?

When you want to do sweater business or other knits business, you will need to find a knitting factory who can produce high quality sweaters or other knits for you. Knitting factory is a place where machines are used to knit large quantities of garments, such as sweaters, in a fast and efficient way. In this blog post, we will explore how a knitting factory produces a sweater from raw materials to finished product.

The first step in producing a sweater is to source the yarn or thread that will be used for knitting. The yarn can be made from natural fibers, such as cashmere, wool, cotton, or silk, or synthetic fibers, such as acrylic, nylon, or polyester. A good knitting factory must cooperate with many good yarn suppliers. They supply different yarns in different fibers and different colors. CH Cashmere, as a knitting factory, cooperated with many many top brands of yarn suppliers, like UPW, Consinee, Xinao. Yarn suppliers dye yarn in different colors or blend with other fibers to create different textures and effects. The yarn was wound into large cones or spools in yarn factory that can be fed into the knitting machines.

The second step is to design the sweater pattern and program it into the knitting machine. The pattern determines the shape, size, and style of the sweater, as well as the stitches and motifs that will be used. The pattern can be created by a human designer using software tools or by an automated system that generates patterns based on customer preferences or market trends. The pattern is then converted into a series of instructions that tell the knitting machine how to manipulate the yarn and needles to create the desired fabric.

The third step is to knit the sweater pieces using the knitting machine. The most common machine for producing sweater pieces is the flat knitting machine, which consists of two needle beds that move back and forth across each other to form rows of stitches. The machine can also change the color, tension, and direction of the yarn to create different patterns and shapes on the fabric. The machine can knit one piece of fabric at a time or multiple pieces simultaneously. Now flat knitting machines is the main knitting machine in CH Cashmere knitting factory. A sweater is knitted into four pieces: the back, the front, and two sleeves

The fourth step is to sew the four pieces: the back the front, and two sleeves together using sewn machine. In this process, a skilled worker is very important in producing a high quality sweater. After sewing, QC will check the quality of sewing and knitting one by one to make sure each sweater has perfect quality. In this step, buttons, zippers, or other attachments will be sewn to the sweater.

The fifth step is to washing and then drying the sweater, making the feeling of cashmere sweater is soft and smoothly. After drying, workers need to ironing sweater to make it in good outfit.

The final step is packing and shipping, Finished sweaters will be packed in plastic bag and then put into paper cartons. Shipping company will send the sweaters to each shops and sales companies.

By following these steps, a knitting factory can produce a sweater that is ready to be sold and worn by customers. Knitting factories can produce different kinds of sweaters with different designs, colors, and materials to suit different tastes and needs. Knitting factories can also use technology and innovation to improve their efficiency, quality, and sustainability.


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