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Cashmere&Silk Blend: a perfect natural yarn for your sweater

Updated: Jun 26

If you're looking for a new and luxurious natural yarn for your sweater collection, you might want to consider a cashmere and silk blend yarn. Cashmere and silk are both natural fibers that have some amazing benefits for your skin and your style.

- Cashmere is soft, lightweight and breathable. It has a fine texture that feels smooth and gentle on your skin. Cashmere also has excellent insulation properties, meaning it can keep you warm in cold weather and cool in hot weather. Cashmere is one of the most expensive fibers in the world, because it comes from the undercoat of cashmere goat that lives in cold and high-altitude regions, such as north of China. Only a small amount of cashmere can be harvested from each cashmere goat per year, making it a rare and precious material.

- Silk is strong, durable and elegant. It has a lustrous shine that adds a touch of glamour to any outfit. Silk is also hypoallergenic, meaning it does not irritate sensitive skin or cause allergies. Silk is produced by silkworms that spin cocoons from their saliva. The cocoons are then boiled and unwound into long threads that can be dyed and woven into fabric. Silk is one of the oldest fibers in the world, dating back to ancient China.

- When cashmere and silk are blended together, they create a yarn that combines the best qualities of both fibers. Cashmere and silk blend yarn is soft, smooth, shiny and warm. It drapes beautifully and has a rich color. It is also more durable and less prone to pilling than pure cashmere. Cashmere and silk blend yarn is perfect for making sweaters that are cozy, luxurious and stylish.

Cashmere and silk blend yarn comes in a variety of styles. Some are thin yarns for Spring and Summer collection and some are thick yarns for Autumn and Winter. If you choose the right yarn, you will find it perfect for any season.

So you may want to know how to choose a cashmere silk blend yarn and which factory can produce a cashmere silk blend sweater for your brand. CH Cashmere factory is a good choice.

In CH Cashmere factory, you can choose different cashmere silk blend yarns

- 90%Cashmere 10%Silk blend yarn, Nm1400, This yarn is thick for Autumn and Winter.

- 65%Cashmere 35%Silk blend yarn, Nm2500, This yarn is thick for Autumn and Winter

- 77%Cashmere 23%Silk blend yarn, Nm12/1, This yarn is thick for Autumn and Winter

- 85%Silk 15%Cashmere blend yarn, Nm48/2, This yarn is thin for Spring and Summer.

All these cashmere silk blend yarn are available in different colors in stock. You can contact CH Cashmere for color cards. After you choose the right yarn and colors, CH Cashmere factory will produce the sweaters for you in your styles and your brand.


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