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All about Whole-garment knitwear

Whole-garment is a kind of knitwear without seams or sewing lines, Some cashmere sweaters are made in a Wholegarment method so that you can feel a comfortable fit without a sewing line, and it covers your body more comfortably with a super soft cashmere.

For traditional knitting, a knitted garment consists of separate parts— the front and back body panels and the sleeves—which are sewn together afterward. Whole-garment knitwear is produced in one entire piece, 3-D Knitting, directly on the knitting machine. So there is no requirement for linking, seaming or sewing. In sweater production, whole garment knitting requires no expensive, time-consuming post-production labors, while traditional knitting usually require many highly skilled sewing labors.

Here are some tips about whole-garments sweaters:

  • Soft shoulders - dimensional shaping creates clean shoulder lines to give your favourite knitwear pieces a shape-skimming fit.

  • Neckline detail - integral necklines and collars give our Wholegarment products a sleek and elegant finish.

  • No side Seams - eliminating joins from the side of garments allows for a better drape and a more uniform silhouette.

  • Underarm comfort – the omission of seams under the arms prevents potential rubbing in this delicate area

  • A sustainable choice- Wholegarment Technology reduces manufacturing waste by eliminating seam allowances and reducing wasted by-product selvedge.



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