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For Jacquard/Intarsia Sweater:

We can do both Jacquard and Intarsia on sweaters. You can choose Jacquard or Intarsia as you need.  When you need us to produce a Jacquard or Intarsia sweater, please email us with your detailed requirements on the pattern.
For colors, we will send you yarn color card for you to choose colors.


1) 100%Cashmere  Nm2/26
2) 100%Merino Wool   Nm2/26
3)  30%Cashmere 70%Merino Wool  Nm2/26
4)  10%Cashmere 90%Merino Wool Nm2/26
5)  95%Cotton 5%Cashmere  Nm2/28
6)  94%Cotton 3%Merino Wool 3%Cashmere  Nm2/28
7)  47%Merino Wool 38%Viscose 10%Nylon 5%Cashmere Nm2/28
8)  15%Merino Wool 85%Cashmere-like Acrylic  Nm2/28
9)  60%Cotton 30%Nylon 10%Merino Wool  Nm 2/28

We’re proud to offer high quality cashmere sweaters. Contact us today for more details

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