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For the T shirt:

This T shirts is light kniting.  If you like the style, I will produce it for you.  You could advise me the size and the dimensions you need. We will produce it with your dimensions.
Please email us for colors, we will send you yarn color card for you to choose colors.


1) 100%Cashmere  Nm 2/48
2) 100%Merino Wool  Nm 2/48
3)  85%Silk 15%Cashmere Nm 2/48

4)  95%Cotton 5%Cashmere  Nm2/48

5)  94%Cotton 3%Merino Wool 3%Cashmere  Nm2/48

6)  50%Merino Wool 50%Cotton Nm2/48

7)  30%Merino Wool 70%Cotton  Nm2/48

8)  40%Nylon 30%Acrylic 24%Polyester 6%Merino Wool  Nm2/48

We’re proud to offer high quality cashmere sweaters. Contact us today for more details

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