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White Tank Top

Open Knit Crochet Top

Material: 96.8%Cashmere 3.2%Merino Wool

Yarn: Nm26/2

Weight: 255-275g

Gauge: 3.5.7gg

Size: M/L



  • Size and Dimension

    Size(cm) Clothes Length Chest Neck Width Shoulder Width Lower Hem
    M 55 53 21 31.5 57
    L 57 55.5 21 32.5 59




  • Description

    Introducing our gorgeous Open Knit Crochet Top, a perfect addition to any women's casual or semi-formal apparel collection. Made of high-quality materials, our Open Knit Crochet Top is crafted from a luxurious blend of 96.8%Cashmere and 3.2%Merino Wool with Nm26/2 yarn. This top is lightweight yet warm, boasting a weight of 255-275g while maintaining a cozy and comfortable fit. Featuring a lovely gauge of 3.5.7gg, this top's intricate open knit design makes for a unique and stylish look that is sure to turn heads. Available in size M/L, this Open Knit Crochet Top is perfect for a variety of occasions.

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