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Yarn to Sweater.....The Magic of Cashmere

Updated: Jun 7

If you are a fan of soft, cozy and luxurious knitwear, you might have wondered how cashmere yarn is made and how it is transformed into a cashmere sweater. In this blog post, we will explain the process of cashmere sweater. In this blog post, we will explain the process of cashmere production, from the goat to the garment, and what makes this material so special and expensive.

woman wearing cashmere sweater thinking

Cashmere yarn is made from the thinnest, longest, and finest fiber, which are more rare and expansive than thicker, and shorter ones. The cashmere yarn can then be knitted into cashmere sweater by using different types of stitches, patterns, and designs.

The most popular technique used knitting cashmere is weft knitting, it can be done by either hand-driven or computer-controlled on the flat-bed machine. The weft knitting technique produces fabric by forming loops of yarn in successive rows.

Different needle actions creates different knit structures, which can produce numerous varieties of knitwear when combing knit structure with different gauge and yarns. For example, cable knit, half cardigan knit, rib nit, full cardigan knit......

knit structure

Most of the cashmere or wool sweaters are knitted into different panels instead of straight into one whole piece. There are front panel, back panel, sleeves, neck. Once knitting is finished, linking process will begin. During linking, all the panels will be sewn together and becomes a full sweater.

All labeling requirements such as branded labels, swing tags and care information will be added after the sweater is finished. Lastly, before the final stage of packing, there will always be a process of inspection. The quality check ultilise the garment measurement .It is a way to take responsibility to both customers and products.

After all these complex process, sweaters are then ready to be shipped to you favorite cozy clothing store.

packing cashmere sweater



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