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Why Wool Silk Blend is a Perfect Choice for Summer?

Updated: Jun 10

Summer is right here. With the Earth saw its hottest day on record last week, we’ve been undergoing a sultry summer which has everything to do with sweat, heat and discomfort. Thus, clothing made of cool and comfortable fabric is in urgent need. Wool Silk blend seems to be a great idea. In this blog post, we will explain why wool silk blend can be a rather good choice for summer.

wool silk blend


When it comes to wool, most people will instantly associate it with winter. However, wool is also suitable for hot summer. How is that possible? The secret lies in the natural properties of wool fibers, which can regulate your body temperature, wick away moisture, resist bacteria and fungi, and prevent odors. Wool is a breathable and versatile fabric that can keep you warm in cold weather and cool in hot weather.


Besides wool, silk also has similar benefits. It is one of the lightest natural fabrics, which will not add weight to your outfit. It can wick away sweat and moisture too, helping you stay cool and dry in hot weather. Soft, smooth, lightweight, and breathable, silk is always thought to be an ideal choice for summer clothing. Furthermore, silk has a unique natural shine that can add a luxurious and elegant feel to your appearance.

So what happens when you combine wool and silk? You then get a wool silk blend, a perfect choice for the fuggy summer. A wool silk blend combines the best of both fibers, creating a fabric that is breathable, durable, luxurious and versatile. We will illustrate its advantages in detail:

wool silk blend

- Breathability: Both wool and silk are breathable fabrics, allowing air to circulate and prevent overheating. It can absorb moisture from your skin and release it into the air, which prevents you from feeling sweaty or sticky.

- Durability: Wool silk blend is a strong and resilient fabric that can retain its shape and color for a long time. It is also wrinkle-resistant, making it easy to care for and pack for travel. You can simply hang it up and it will smooth out on its own.

- Luxury: Wool and silk are both luxurious fabric that has a soft and smooth texture. It drapes beautifully over your body and has a subtle sheen that makes you look more elegant.

- Versatility: Wool silk blend can be used for various types of clothing, such as dresses, skirts, jackets, and scarves. It can also be dyed into different colors and patterns, which will suit almost any occasion, from a casual day out to a formal meeting.

Comparison between Wool Silk Blend and Linen

silk wool blend

Linen, also well known for its high moisture absorptivity, is thought to be a comfortable material in summer. However, despite its relatively higher price, wool silk blend still outweighs linen in some ways.

First, wool silk blend is softer and smoother than linen which feels a bit rough on the skin. In addition, it also drapes better and has a more elegant appearance than linen.

How to Contact Us

Wool silk blend is pretty popular in summer for its comfort and luxury. CH Cashmere, a professional manufacturer of high-quality knitwear clothing, offers you with various kinds of products and yarns. You can type "silk" in our searching box to find more of our wool silk blend products, or contact CH Cashmere for more information.


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