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The benefits Australia Country Road get from its China suppliers

Country Road is one of Australia's largest specialty fashion retailers, with five iconic brands under its umbrella: Country Road, Mimco, Trenery, Witchery and Politix. The company has a long history of sourcing high-quality products from China, which has helped it achieve its vision of creating modern Australian style.

According to its website, Country Road Group sources about 60% of its products from China, mainly from the Shanghai, Guangdong and Zhejiang provinces. The company works with over 100 suppliers in China, who are carefully selected based on their ethical and environmental standards, as well as their ability to deliver on quality, design and innovation.

Some of the benefits that Country Road gets from its China suppliers are:

- Access to a large and diverse pool of skilled workers, who can produce a wide range of products, from knitwear garments and other clothing to accessories and homewares.

- Access to advanced technology and equipment, which enable the suppliers to meet the high standards of quality and safety that Country Road requires.

- Access to a variety of raw materials and fabrics, which allow the suppliers to create unique and distinctive products that reflect the latest trends and customer preferences.

- Cost efficiency and scalability, which enable the suppliers to offer competitive prices and flexible production volumes that match the demand of Country Road's markets.

- Proximity and convenience, which reduce the lead time and transportation costs of delivering the products from China to Australia.

Country Road Group is committed to building long-term and mutually beneficial relationships with its China suppliers, based on trust, transparency and collaboration. The company conducts regular audits and visits to ensure that its suppliers comply with its Code of Labour Practice, which covers issues such as wages, working hours, health and safety, freedom of association and environmental management. The company also provides training and support to its suppliers to help them improve their performance and sustainability.

By sourcing from China, Country Road Group is able to offer its customers high-quality products that reflect its values of style, simplicity and naturalness. The company also contributes to the economic and social development of China, by creating jobs, supporting local communities and promoting ethical and environmental practices.

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