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How do factories produce a merino wool sweater

The process of producing a merino wool sweater

In order to make a merino wool sweater, which you can easily buy in local market, it needs the cooperation of many factories in this field. Let’s start from the merino wool fibre to the finished sweater.

Merino wool is a natural fibre that comes from Merino sheep, mainly raised in Australia and New Zealand. Merino wool is known for its softness, breathability, and versatility, making it ideal for clothing that can be worn in different seasons and climates. But how do factory produce a merino wool sweater from this amazing fibre? Here are the main steps involved:

1. Shearing: The first step is to shear the sheep and collect their fleece. This usually happens once a year, usually in spring or summer, when the sheep are ready to shed their winter coat. Shearing is done by skilled workers who use electric clippers or hand shears to cut off the wool close to the skin without harming the animal.

2. Scouring: The next step is to wash the wool to remove dirt, grease, and other impurities. This is done by soaking the wool in hot water with detergents and alkalis, then rinsing it with clean water. Scouring also removes some of the natural crimp or curl of the wool, making it easier to comb and spin.

3. Top making: After scouring, the wool is dried and then combed or carded to align the fibres and remove any short or coarse ones. This produces a continuous strand of wool called a sliver, which is then drawn and twisted into a thinner strand called a roving. The roving is then wound into balls or bobbins for further processing.

4. Shrink proofing: Merino wool is prone to shrinking when washed in hot water or dried in high heat. To prevent this, some wool undergoes a shrink proofing treatment that coats the fibres with a resin that reduces their ability to absorb water and swell. This makes the wool machine-washable and more durable.

5. Top dyeing: Some wool is dyed at this stage, before spinning into yarn. This is done by immersing the roving in a dye bath and then squeezing out the excess dye. Top dyeing allows for more uniform and consistent colours, as well as blending different shades of wool to create new colours.

6. Spinning: The next step is to spin the roving into yarn. This is done by feeding the roving through a spinning machine that twists it into a fine thread. The amount of twist determines the strength, elasticity, and appearance of the yarn. Spinning can also be done by hand using a spindle or a wheel.

7.Knitting and Garment make-up: The yarn is then knitted into four pieces: the back, the front, and two sleeves by knitting machine. The pieces are then seamed together and the neckline is finished with a ribbed edge by hand.

Knitting machine can produce different types of pieces such as jersey, rib, cable, or jacquard. The sweater has a relaxed fit and a simple stockinette stitch pattern with ribbed cuffs and hem. The size of the sweater can be easily adjusted by changing the number of stitches and rows. Garment make-up can also include adding buttons, zippers, labels, or other accessories.

8.Finishing: The knitted sweater is then finished to improve its quality and appearance. Finishing can include washing, drying, pressing, steaming, brushing, shearing, cropping, or raising. Finishing can also involve applying treatments such as anti-pilling, anti-static, or anti-microbial agents.

9.Packing and Shipping : The final step is to packing the finished merino wool sweater in plastic bags and then packed in paper cartons. DHL will ship the well-packed sweaters to our clients around the world.

This is how factory produce a merino wool sweater from raw fleece to finished product. CH Cashmere is one of the knitting factory in this long production line. CH Cashmere factory only do the process of Knitting, Garment make-up, Finishing, Packing and Shipping. Merino wool sweaters are comfortable, stylish, and versatile garments that can be worn for various occasions and seasons.If you are a clothing brand, you can contact CH Cashmere, who will produce merino wool sweater for you under your brand.


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