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Woven Scarf 024S

Material: 100%Cashmere
Size: 70cm*180cm+10cm*2cm (Fringe)
Color: 024


  • Description

    Sourced from 100% cashmere, our Woven Scarf 024S is the perfect accessory for any autumn or winter ensemble. This oversized, rectangular scarf measures 70cm x 200cm, and features fringing at both ends for added texture and a touch of elegance. The solid brown color and minimalist design make this scarf a versatile addition to any wardrobe, suitable for both women and men. Crafted from natural fabric, this plain, woven scarf is part of our Autumn Winter Collection, offering warmth and comfort without sacrificing style. Elevate your look with this basic yet sophisticated accessory, perfect for wrapping, shawling, and draping.

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