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Woven Scarf 006S

Material: 100%Cashmere
Size: 70cm*180cm+10cm*2cm (Fringe)
Color: 006


  • Description

    The Woven Scarf 006S is the perfect addition to any autumn winter collection, providing both warmth and style. Made of 100% cashmere, this scarf is a natural fabric that will keep you cozy during the colder months. This oversized, rectangular scarf measures 70cm x 200cm, making it both versatile and comfortable. The light grey color and minimalist design make it a perfect choice for both women and men, while the fringing at both ends adds a touch of detail. Whether used as a scarf, shawl, or wrap, the Woven Scarf 006S is a basic yet stylish accessory that will elevate any outfit.

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